“Chalkley University”

The very first “Chalkley University” parent event took place on October 17th!

This parent engagement program focuses on giving parents the tools that they need to be actively engaged in their child’s education with everything from helpful testing information, understanding the ever-changing educational terminology, as well as strategies to help keep students on track.

This particular “Chalkley University” event helped parents with preparing for their upcoming parent teacher conferences.  Parents were provided with informative question and answer sessions and data folders.  Thanks to a fantastic turn-out, several more  “Chalkley University” events will be taking place in the near future!

Carver Home Visits Make a Difference!

Carver Academy’s CIS Coordinator Jennifer Grossnickle relies on her perseverance and big heart to get chronically absent students back in school!

Since the begin of the school year, 9 chronically absent students were brought to Jennifer’s attention.  Jennifer is known not only for her ability to connect with her students but also her ability to build lasting relationships with them. Thanks to her home visits and connection to her students, 8 our of the 9 chronically absent students are now back in school on a daily basis.

School attendance is crucial for success and these students were very fortunate to have such great support!

“Tardy Table” Success at Ettrick!

Every day, Emily (the CIS Coordinator at Ettrick Elementary) and fellow Ettrick staff members sit near the school entrance at the new “Tardy Table“.  The “Tardy Table” is an unintimidating way for parents to bring in students who are late for school.  If a student is late more than 3 times, the “Tardy Table” staff is there to talk with parents about how they can get their children to school on time.  This new approach to student tardiness has led to far fewer tardiness incidents. It has become a great way for parents to partner with school staff members to find solutions to problems that may otherwise go unaddressed.

Keep up the great work, Ettrick!