The Reality Store Teaches Great Lessons to Falling Creek Students

Thanks to Bethany Eigel with the Chesterfield County Government, Falling Creek students got the opportunity to spend two sessions enjoying the Reality Store. The Reality Store teaches students about careers, what is required for specific careers and discuss what things are needs and what things are wants.  During these sessions, students are given careers and a monthly salary.  The dissemination of the careers is based upon what card that you get.  Then students get the next card which tells them how many children and the ages of the children that they care for.  Students are given a personal sheet where they record their monthly salary, the ages and number of children and then they go out to go to the different places to provided for their families.  Student must secure housing, transportation, day care, groceries, utilities, clothing, medical and dental insurance, car insurance and other things that are required for families to thrive each month.  Students walked away with so many “ah ha” moments!  Many had to get second jobs to be able to support their families.  All the students had one resounding comment, “This is hard!”.