Ana admits that after the pandemic shut schools down, she started to lose interest in school. She says it was hard to find the motivation to attend and sometimes missed weeks, if not months, of school at a time. Then, in her senior year, she received a message from a new staff person at Meadowbrook High School, LaTrina Lee, the CIS Reengagement Coordinator. Ms. Lee asked how she could help Ana so she could start attending school regularly again and work on getting to graduation. From that point on, the two were in close contact- “I started to feel her encouragement, and I really liked the encouragement and extra support.” As result, Ana started coming to school, where she was able to work more closely with Ms. Lee, who was able to provide additional resources and support. Ana began working on credit recovery, which got her back on the pathway to graduation! Ana has younger siblings, who she wants to set an example for. Now that she has her high school diploma, Ana is pursuing a career in the Marines. You can hear directly from Ana and Ms. Lee about their relationship in the video!