Bri’Kiyah grew up in Chesterfield with her two older siblings. As a student at Carver College and Career Academy, she struggled with attendance due challenges in her home situation. Her absenteeism was to the point of affecting her chances of graduating with the rest of her peers. Reny Harris, the CIS Reengagement Coordinator at Carver knew he could help. He began working with Bri’Kiyah daily, checking in with her by phone, conducting home visits, and connecting with her parent. Some of those conversations happened as late as 9 pm to ensure that he could reach them and motivate Bri’Kiyah to come to school the next day. In addition, Mr. Harris met with her as often as possible to assist her with completing the assignments she needed in order for her to graduate. The relationship Reny and Bri’Kiyah was really important to her and said she “appreciated most having someone to speak to that I could trust and also has the best intentions to see me be successful.” After graduation she will be entering a Certified Driver’s License course to drive 18-wheeler trucks.  She hopes to own her own trucking company and make enough money to take care of her family, and also give back to the urban community because she feels there is more that can be done. Bri’Kiyah is a wonderful example of a student overcoming their challenges and setting big goals for their next chapter in life – congratulations, Bri’Kiyah!