When we asked our CIS Reengagement Coordinator at L.C. Bird High School, LaQuita Hailstock, to describe Kennedy she said, “Kennedy has a beautiful and kind-hearted soul.” When Ms. Hailstock began working with Kennedy to support her pathway to graduation, she shared with Ms. Hailstock that her personal life was not in a good place and that she was struggling with her emotions. These feelings made her feel unmotivated and disorganized in school. When Ms. Hailstock first began her connection with Kennedy, she could see that “she would not communicate her feelings, and would often withdraw from others.” This isolation resulted in feelings of depression. “I kept me from moving forward to reach my full potential. But when I would talk to Ms. Hailstock, I was able to organize my thoughts, which helped me focus on my school work and start to care about life,” Kennedy shared.

Kennedy has endured a lot in her life so far, but none-the-less she would show her bright smile at school. Ms. Hailstock also saw her talents, which include doing hair and makeup. She encouraged Kennedy to explore those skills and talents, which helped her gain more confidence.

Despite the adversities that Kennedy has faced, she did the hard work to become a 2022 graduate, receiving her diploma at L.C. Bird’s graduation on May 25! Her next goal is to go to school for cosmetology to become a freelance hair and makeup artist. We are so excited to see the amazing things that Kennedy does in her future!