Matthew began attending Carver College and Career Academy in the 10th grade. Prior to that, at his home school, he struggled with skipping class and not completing assignments. As a result, Matthew’s attendance and academic performance declined.  His school counselor at the time helped him complete an application to Carver Academy and he was accepted. Matthew experienced something different at Carver – he began to refocus in school and to work with CIS Site Coordinator, Mary Thompson. According to Matthew, “The teachers and staff at Carver care about me; they check in on me and make sure I’m doing my work. Ms. Thompson has helped me pass English 12 this year; she knows that I struggle with my English class and makes time to help me complete my assignments.” Matthew’s goals were primarily around academic success. With Ms. Thompson’s support and the unique environment that Carver provides, Matthew brought up his grades so that he could graduate! Graduation was something that, at one time, Matthew did not think was possible, but he stuck it out and found success. In addition to his classes at Carver, Matthew also took classes at the Chesterfield County Technical Center for Automotive Repair. His next goal is to pursue a career in Automotive Mechanics. Way to go, Matthew!