Congratulations to Beanca!
Meadowbrook High School, Class of 2024

Beanca was a talented student at Meadowbrook High School with a passion for entrepreneurship. She took courses at the Tech Center, including Medical Coding and Billing and Medical Administration, which she excelled in. During her junior year, she experienced personal challenges that made it tough for her to focus on school – her grades and attendance began to slip and graduation became uncertain.

That is when Cecelia Greenwood, one of Meadowbrook’s two CIS Site Coordinators, stepped up to help. Together, they worked to find ways to get Beanca to school and help her manage her emotions, especially grief. The goal became getting Beanca back on track to succeed in the classroom. Ms. Greenwood’s open-door policy allowed Beanca a space to go when her emotions became overwhelming or when she just needed someone to talk to. Monthly check-ins put a “helpful pressure” on her to work towards her goals. Soon, her grades turned from Cs to As, and graduation was within sight. Certified as a pharmacy technician while in high school, Beanca plans to follow her passion for healthcare in college. She also runs a successful lash extension business, Extension by Beanca, that she’ll continue after graduation!

Beanca is also the 2024 awardee of Communities In Schools of Chesterfield’s Robert S. Ukrop Scholarship, which she will use in her post-secondary university pursuits!

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Beanca (far right) poses with her Site Coordinator, Cecelia Greenwood
(middle), and CIS of Chesterfield’s Executive Director, when she
received her Robert S. Ukrop Scholarship award.