Congratulations to Kamare!
Meadowbrook High School, Class of 2024

Even before Kamare was a student at Meadowbrook High School, CIS Site Coordinator Cecelia Greenwood had her back. Without her parents being in Virginia, Kararme and her sister were worried they wouldn’t be able to join the Meadowbrook community after moving to the area, but there was Ms. Greenwood, encouraging the administration to accept her as a student.

Kamare has always had big dreams for her life after graduation, but they haven’t always felt achievable. In high school, she struggled with finding her place and regulating her emotions to keep calm in the face of adversity. But, with the support of Ms. Greenwood, her goals became well within reach. Together, they worked to engage Kamare’s passions through clubs, exercise, and unique educational opportunities offered at Meadowbrook, and found ways to stay calm when she felt overwhelmed. An added benefit to being a student at Meadowbrook, is having two CIS Site Coordinators – Mr. Ali Sills, Ms. Greenwood’s CIS partner at Meadowbrook, also encouraged Kamare to consider higher education. Kamare is living into this encouragement, as she heads to Xavier University next year to study healthcare. Kamare reflected that “Mr. Sills and Ms. Greenwood are the backbone of this school” and that she wouldn’t have gotten this far without their constant advocacy and support. As she steps into the next stage of her education, Ms. Greenwood’s words act as a guiding light: “be great in everything you do.”

Congratulations to Kamare! Her future is bright and CIS is honored to have been a part of her high school career!

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