Congratulations to Makenna!
Carver Academy, Class of 2024

Makenna at Carver’s graduation
ceremony with Ms. Thompson.

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Makenna, a class of 2024 Carver Academy graduate, grew up in Chesterfield with her three siblings. When Makenna wasn’t in class, you could find her on the field playing for the school’s soccer team, spending time with her friends or her dog, or watching movies. Her diverse interests and skills outside of school made her a well-rounded individual.

In school, she often found it difficult to keep up with her assignments or regulate her emotions – things that got in the way of her academic focus. After being referred to Ms. Thompson, Carver’s CIS Site Coordinator for support, the two began meeting regularly to set goals to help Makenna “live into her best self.” They worked together to help Makenna catch up on missing school assignments and develop tools to de-escalate from emotional situations. Ms. Thompson was a “mother figure” in Makenna’s eyes, and provided a safe space for her to blossom.

As a result, Makenna graduated from Carver as an honor roll student, and she was even nominated for student of the month in her senior year! Makenna will be continuing her education at Brightpoint Community College, where she will study to become a medical assistant. Her long-term goals are to pursue a career as a nurse and to become financially stable.

Congratulations to Makenna! We are cheering her on in her post-secondary chapter!

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