Mentor Testimonial from Tom Maxwell:

“Every child I mentored was a delight in their own special way, and it was fun playing basketball, throwing the baseball, and running bases on nice days. I also recall the special holiday projects that I worked on with my mentees, and of course, helping them read books and discussing them, which was my personal favorite.

One of my most memorable mentoring experiences was with a young man named Jason – he was an extremely bright person and learned quickly as evidenced by him frequently beating me at chess or checkers. Jason also had a heart for others who were being bullied. Although an admirable trait, this got Jason into some periodic trouble. When Jason was having particularly bad days, my CIS Site Coordinator or his teacher would call me to see if I could come and talk with him. It was meaningful to me to be a part of the team of people supporting Jason at school. After my time mentoring Jason, I kept up with him through

his mother, and still touch base with her to this day – Jason is a high school graduate and working! I am thankful for Jason, his loving mother, and his two sisters.

All to say that I am also thankful that I had the opportunity to mentor these children over the years. They have had a profound effect on my life in how I have treated my grandchildren and those of my friends. I am indebted that you gave me the opportunity and the support to help out in what little way that I could.