Congratulations to La’Kaya!
L.C. Bird High School, Class of 2024

La’Kaya posing with Ms. O for L.C. Bird’s Senior Prom

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La’Kaya wasn’t sure if college was the right choice for her, but, thanks to the constant love and support from her CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Talaya Oxendine, she’s heading to community college next year! During her time at L.C. Bird High School, La’Kaya faced challenges at home that often caused her attendance to suffer. Ms. O “helped me in one of my darkest moments,” La’Kaya recalled. Together, they worked to help La’Kaya let go and move past some of her stressors. They also worked together to apply for college and register for classes once she was accepted!

La’Kaya remembered the hugs and laughter her and Ms. O shared the most, and said that Ms. O was like a “second mom,” providing wisdom and guidance even when La’Kaya didn’t want to listen. She plans on studying to become an Ultrasound Technician in college, with a scholarship from CIS – La’Kaya received The Bill Milliken Scholarship, which honors Communities In Schools’ founder.

La’Kaya giving Ms. O a big hug on Bird’s graduation stage, when she received her CIS Bill Milliken Scholarship award!

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