Congratulations to Dav’oer!
Carver Academy, Class of 2024

When asked about her student Dav’oer, CIS Site Coordinator Mary Thomspon described him as “kind, compassionate, and polite and always able to pull himself up to focus on the task at hand.” When Dav’oer came to Carver Academy, he hoped to make new friends and ultimately reach graduation, but, as a result of an inconsistent life at home, he often struggled to find the motivation to complete assignments or attend class. Coming from a big family, Dav’oer had to be self disciplined for his own academic achievement. CIS Site Coordinator Mary Thompson at Carver worked alongside him to set attendance goals, and often supported Dav’oer and his family, and more to ensure that he and his siblings were able to be at their best when they arrived at school each day.

Carver Academy was not the first place that Dav’oer encountered CIS supports however. At Manchester Middle School, he worked alongside the CIS Site Coordinator there, Kimberly Reynolds, to improve his grades and attendance. An excellent example of the importance of CIS following students as they matriculate. Before completing 8th grade, he earned a spot on the honor roll and began taking significant responsibility over himself and his academics, skills that he has only continued to hone at Carver.

A talented writer, Dav’oer has gained the confidence to follow his passions and will be attending George Mason in the fall for University’s writing program. He hopes to use his writing skills in his career and aims to be a screenwriter for television or movies. He is also the recipient of CIS’ Martha Frikert Scholarship!

Dav’oer and his CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Thompson,
at Carver Academy’s high school graduation.

Dav’oer with his Communities In Schools of
Chesterfield Martha Frickert Scholarship.

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