School: Carver Academy
Site Coordinator: Mary Thompson
Future Plans: Workforce

Before attending Carver Academy in the 10th grade, Jaden often found himself feeling frustrated and angry at school. He struggled to get the support he needed in a large school environment, and his motivation suffered as a result. However, when he transferred to Carver, he was able to connect with the strong support system he needed to succeed. He began working closely with CIS Site Coordinator Mary Thompson and CIS Reengagement Coordinator Reny Harris. Together, they developed healthy coping and emotional regulation strategies for Jaden, which helped him become motivated in the classroom. Jaden shared that the best thing about Carver is the support he was able to get when he needed it. Having someone to talk to and help process his challenges, and set academic and personal goals made a monumental impact on Jaden’s high school experience. Alongside his fellow Carver peers, Jaden proudly walked across the stage to receive his diploma on May 26. After graduation, Jaden plans to join the workforce! Congratulations Jaden!