School: Carver Academy
Site Coordinator: Mary Thompson
Future Plans: Liberty University Online

A recent addition to the Carver Academy family, Precious began attending Carver during her junior year of high school. Curious and funny, she was passionate about her work and her faith, but mental health challenges made it difficult to attend class and complete assignments on time. Early in her senior year, however, Precious connected with CIS Site Coordinator Mary Thompson, who offered supportive counseling and helped Precious set meaningful goals in order to have a strong senior year and reach graduation. With the support of Ms. Thompson, Precious has built healthy coping strategies like crocheting, caught up on her assignments, and has joined a girls group at school to build and strengthen relationships. Her attendance and grades have also improved!

Precious is determined to change the world. She will be attending Liberty University Online in the fall to pursue a degree in Christian Ministry. She currently works at Chick-fil-a and has received a scholarship from the company to support her college education. Precious said that Ms. Thompson has always helped her talk through her things and has provided a safe space when she needs it. Above all, Precious was immensely grateful for her constant love and support. “Thank you for being there for me,” she told Ms. Thompson.