School: Meadowbrook High School
Site Coordinator: Cecelia Greenwood
Future Plans: Workforce then College

When Nashawn began working with CIS Site Coordinator Cecelia Greenwood, he didn’t expect to graduate. A devoted big brother and son, Dashawn spent most of his time supporting his mother and trying to be “a man” for his family. As a result, he struggled to attend school and complete coursework. Graduation felt far away as he slipped further and further behind. Ms. Greenwood, however, helped turn his education around. After an initial home visit, she became his biggest advocate, pushing Nashawn to get to school on time and getting him appropriate accommodations for his coursework and SOLs. Nashawn’s mother said, Ms. Greenwood felt like “another family member” due to her unrelenting care for Nashawn. As he reflected, “Ms. Greenwood was there even when I didn’t have the strength.” In early May, Nashawn received word from Meadowbrook’s principal that he was able to graduate. In Nashawn’s words, he “overcame the battle” thanks to Ms. Greenwood and the self-confidence and ambition she instilled within him.

After graduating from Meadowbrook, Nashawn plans to enter the workforce and eventually earn a degree in business, something he couldn’t imagine even a year ago. He hopes to use his degree to become an entrepreneur and to support his family. We are so proud of Nashawn!