Mentoring On The Path to Graduation

Talia has spent the past 5 years mentoring the same student. Twice a week, during her mentee’s lunch break, Talia visits the school for lunch, often stopping by the classroom to observe before the break begins. Depending on how her student’s day has been, their time together may be a time to chat and catch up, play a game, or sit quietly together. Every session is different, and, while they’re not always easy, Talia emphasized the simple importance of being there for her mentee. Mentoring has allowed her mentee to build a consistent, long-term relationship with a caring adult that benefits all students. Talia can also advocate for her student, connecting with her teachers and other school staff to ensure that she gets the support she needs. Last year, as her mentee transitioned to Middle School, she was overjoyed to learn that Talia would continue to be her mentor in the new space! Talia hopes to work with her mentee through graduation, and she relishes in the relationship that they’ve built. Thank you for your amazing work Talia!

Support In and Out of School

Lynn Snow is one of our longest standing members and has served as a mentor for CIS for close to the 30 years, as long we have been in operation! She has followed her students through the elementary, middle, and high school levels, showing her dedication to the relationships she builds. Passionate and caring, Lynn goes above and beyond to show up for her mentees, whether they are struggling or succeeding. Her students are always able to count on her to show up: a consistency that is important in the lives of the students we serve.

Her mentee of several years now is a student at Falling Creek Middle (FCMS), and has been matched with Ms. Snow since elementary school. Our FCMS Site Coordinators share that Lynn has been an amazing role model. Her student adores her and looks forward to their Wednesday visits. Lynn always works to foster empowerment in her mentees. She makes them feel special, often by simply listening to them, celebrating their wins, and giving them a safe space to talk and share. We are endlessly grateful to have Lynn supporting our students!

Supporting Sisters!

Adrienne Standberg has been a mentor at Chalkley Elementary School for three years. Paired with two sisters, Saraith and Guadalupe, she visits the school once a week to help them with reading, art, and math during their lunch break. Saraith loves spending time with her mentor and says its her favorite part of the week! Thank you, Adrienne, for mentoring these awesome students.

Creating Strong Role Models

Todd Morrisett began his work at Manchester Middle School as a math tutor and now serves as a mentor for two young men at the school. Mr. Morrissett’s experience as a father, educator, and administrator have made him a perfect fit in the lives of his mentees. He is a true role model! Manchester Site Coordinator Kimberly Reynolds shared that she is grateful to have him as a mentor.