CIS-C Programming During COVID-19

Our goal is to provide the same support we normally would for our students, families, and schools, but in creative and innovative ways. We know this looks different, but we also know our kids need us more now than ever! We are working with our partners and the school system to get essential resources and supports to our students.

In addition to the numbers and details below, we’ve created a virtual bus tour video to highlight what we are doing to support our students. In this April 2020 Virtual Bus Tour you will hear from our Executive Director, Board Chair, and Site Coordinators at Ettrick Elementary and Salem Church Middle Schools. Enjoy the “ride!”

case-managed students are being reached out to by their CIS-C Site Coordinator on a regular basis.
students are currently receiving weekly basic need deliveries to their homes.
students have been reached with virtual CIS Tier 1 programming, such as daily Mindfulness Morning Meeting video sessions and provision of other resources to support students and families.

What our support looks like now

We are continuing to connect our students to basic needs.

  • Weekly, we are connecting hundreds of students in crisis to food and other necessary supplies.

  • We are collecting food and supplies to continue our delivery to our students’ homes. To learn more about how you can support with in-kind donations, click here.

We are continuing to support our case-managed students.

  • We are reaching out regularly to our case managed students and families to check in.

  • Site Coordinators are continuing to (virtually) meet with the School Support Teams to coordinate wrap-around services, monitor student progress, and serve as a resource for teachers and staff.

We are continuing to support students in academics.

  • We are providing books and engagement activities so that they continue to learn.

  • We are working with our case-managed students to ensure functioning technology and equitable access to resources.

We are continuing to engage our families.

  • In addition to resources for our students, we are providing supports to caregivers, as they navigate at-home education.

  • We are connecting parents and guardians to community resources like unemployment benefits.

  • In partnership with Chesterfield Education Foundation, The Robins Foundation, and CCPS, we connected 200 families who have been economically impacted by COVID-19 with family crisis funding. In total, $100,000 was distributed to families in Chesterfield.

Examples of our work in action.

  • Our pen pal mentoring program at Chalkley has begun, with mentors and students sending letters through snail mail!

  • Our Site Coordinator at Falling Creek Middle, Kimberly Reynolds, is meeting with students on Mondays through the CCPS virtual Canvas application.

  • Our Site Coordinator at Ettrick Elementary, Emily Davidson, has executed weekly Mindfulness support through recorded videos

Coming soon.

  • We are exploring ways to virtually hold groups so that peer support with guidance from Site Coordinators can continue.

  • We are exploring ways to continue one-on-one mentoring virtually.

  • We are exploring ways to provide virtual tutors for students.

These supports will grow and change, as our students’ and families’ needs change!

If you have a question regarding our current programming, please contact Wendy Lively at [email protected]